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Patient Information

Do I need a referral letter?

It is not essential to have a referral letter from your GP but is usually a good idea to request one. It is often a requirement of your medical insurer to have a referral letter from your GP. A referral letter is helpful because your GP will usually include information about your general health and medical history. It is usually advisable that your GP is aware of any planned assessments or treatments.

As it may be difficult to get an appointment with your GP, a GP referral letter may not be possible to obtain. If a GP referral letter not possible to obtain prior to the first appointment it would be helpful if you could ask the administration team at your GP surgery to provide you with a computerised summary of your medical records which you can bring along to the appointment.

If I need intensive treatment can I be treated at home rather than be admitted to a psychiatric clinic?

The simple answer is yes, if you are funding treatment yourself. Unfortunately it is not possible currently to have this form of intensive home treatment funded by insurance companies. If it is felt safe to do so I can organise home visits by an experienced private community mental health specialist nurse to ensure that the treatment plan agreed is working. The community nurses invoice patients directly for this service. My fees for managing an intensive home-treatment programme are usually agreed at the time the care-plan is put in place.

Can overseas patients be seen?

For overseas patients, or those for whom English is not their first language, may wish to have an interpreter of family member attend with them. An interpreter can be provided by prior arrangement. I am happy to provide one off assessments and follow-up appointments whilst a patient is resident in the UK. If a patient is going to be out of the UK for more than three months at a time after the initial appointment I will usually advise the patient to seek treatment where they are residing overseas. I am always happy to liaise with doctors and other healthcare professionals overseas to ensure safe handover of care.