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Private Care

Why should I choose private mental health care?

Some people find it a daunting experience to accept the need for help with a mental health problem.

  • By accessing private care the individual may feel more at ease in taking that first step.
  • Private psychiatric care enables the patient to see the same doctor over the course of their illness.
  • Patients often say that they also prefer the confidentiality private care offers them.
  • Not having to wait for treatment may prevent an admission to an inpatient facility, which can be expensive and disruptive.
  • Investigations such as blood tests and brain imaging can be done quickly.
  • Some patients may need intensive day patient or inpatient treatment and I have established links with private psychiatric inpatient facilities in London and the south of England. This enables me to access same-day assistance to this group of patients.
  • I work with private specialist nurses that provide support to patients at home when in crisis and then after that work with them, in their recovery, to help rebuild their lives.
  • I make referrals to a range of private therapy groups, for example anger management or assertiveness training.

If you have any questions about the process of attending for a consultation, or what treatments are offered I can be contacted via my secretary and I will do my best to answer them promptly.