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"We are so grateful to you for all the care you gave me. I have made a miraculous recovery."
Ms. D Oxfordshire

"I feel more than fortunate that I was introduced to you for this particular problem and I am grateful for your guidance and attention to my needs along the way."
Mr R Hertfordshire

"My husband has made a big improvement since you changed the drugs and we are hoping for a much happier New Year."
Mrs T, Berkshire

"I am fortunate to have you as a psychiatrist. You have also been a friend and family member. Thank you for helping me to live again."
Mr S, Middlesex

"In 1966 my then doctor told me to see a well known Harley Street Psychiatrist who said it (medication treatment) would "revolutionise" my life. For over 30 years it did. You have done the same thing. I feel great. Thank you for your kindness."
Mrs B, Berkshire

"Five minutes ago we arrived home, and I cannot allow time to pass before writing to thank you so very much for your courtesy, kindness and help during your interview with my wife. We have both returned home in high spirits with confidence both in the future and you."
Mr W, Buckinghamshire

"I felt I needed to write you to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you gave to me this year. I felt I was in a box and I couldn't get out. I'm so happy to be back to normal for my family's sake and of course mine."
Mrs J, Buckinghamshire

"This letter is to thank you sincerely for all your kindness and help you gave to me and for all the trouble you went to, to help. I realise how lucky I have been. Once again a very big thank you."
Mrs R, Berkshire

"I shall always be grateful for your help and advice, and when I think about it I know you made the right decision for us both."
Mrs W, Hampshire

"I look forward to every day and seeing my friends. Very many thanks for getting me back to how I am today."
Mrs M, West Sussex

"The relations between our family members are strained at times but we are at least all being civil to each other again. For the significant role you played in guiding us all through the situation I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude."
Mr C, Berkshire