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How can I find out about consultation fees?

The initial clinic consultation is usually an hour-long appointment. A standard follow-up appointment lasts 30 minutes. Extended follow-up appointments are invoiced proportionate to the time taken for the consultation. The cost of a home visit depends on the distance and time taken to travel to see the patient and will be agreed in advance of the visit. My secretary will inform you at the time of booking the appointment what the fees will be.

I have private medical insurance, what do I need to do?

If you are insured you will need a GP referral before you can book a consultation with me. Please contact your insurance company at the time of making arrangements to see me. It is always useful to obtain a pre-authorisation number from your insurer before the day of your appointment.

Some insurance companies have an excess payment requirement or cost-sharing scheme, which require the patient to pay part of the treatment. My team work with all of the major health insurance companies, so if at the time of making an appointment you are unsure about the process, they will be happy to explain how to go about contacting your insurer.

Insurance policies differ significantly between different insurance companies so it is important that you check you have the right cover. Some insurance policies exclude all psychiatric treatment whilst others may exclude specific conditions, for example drug and alcohol problems.

If I do not have private health insurance can I pay for the treatment myself?

Yes of course patients may choose to pay for their own treatment. If you choose to pay for treatment yourself, before you arrange the date of your appointment, you will be told the costs involved. If you are planning to pay yourself you may self-refer, although a GP referral letter is preferred, if at all possible.

If you decide to pay for treatment yourself, the cost of diagnostic tests, such as blood tests, ECGs, X-rays and MRI scans, will be charged for separately by the private hospital you attend.

What is included in the fee for a consultation appointment?

After each appointment a typed report is sent to your GP and to you, if you request it. If you do not want letters to go to your GP this can be requested at your first appointment. The consultation fees include work involved in liaising with insurance companies and completing insurance company forms to enable you get your treatment funded. The consultation fees also cover time spent organising investigations and liaising with other healthcare professionals.

How much does private in-patient treatment cost?

Room rates in private psychiatric clinics vary according to the size and type of room. A typical daily room rate is approximately £800. This will usually include medication and the in-patient therapeutic programme. The daily fee for consultant in-patient care is usually not included in a clinic's room fees and is usually billed separately.

My secretary can advise you of my in-patient fees. The fees include any formally arranged multidisciplinary meetings such as Care Programme Approach (CPA) meetings and liaising with external agencies such as the NHS or Social Services Departments.

How much does private day-patient treatment cost?

Day-patient treatment is often a cost-effective way for patients to access more intensive treatment than outpatient treatment and may also prevent the need for an in-patient admission. Day-patient care is also used in a step-down way after a patient has spent time as an in-patient. Clinics charge approximately £400 per day for this treatment and this fee usually includes the consultant's day care fees.

How much does it cost to be seen by a Clinical Psychologist or Psychotherapist?

The fees vary depending on the length and frequency of treatment offered. I will discuss the fees involved in seeing a Clinical Psychologist or Psychotherapist at the initial appointment. My secretary can advise you of these fees before you arrange to see me if you prefer.